Virtual Events

So 90% of your virtual events can run on a 'Zoominar' but what about the other 10%?

In many ways our virtual and hybrid event offering is similar to the production of a live television broadcast with live and pre-recorded presentations, panel sessions and video content. Virtual stage management is essential on these events. This is how we'd ensure everything runs to time and is where it needs to be. This is how we stay in control! It's really no different to the way we run a physical event in person.

We aren't tied to one platform. We let the event do the talking so rather than pushing you down one road, we'll talk to you about where you'd like to end up and either provide you with an off the shelf solution that meets your needs, or build you a platform of your very own from scratch. Take a look at our example project 'Now Playing' to find out more. 


Navigating the digital wave.

We'll source a pre-existing platform or build one specific for the event - fear not, it's not as daunting an experience as you might expect. The branded site will be secure with a bespoke agenda for each delegate, taking them to keynote sessions, breakouts and crucially connecting them with their peers. It can be supported by the platforms you already use (Zoom, Teams, Webex for example).

We pre-record video, presentations and animations and present these along with the live streams during the event itself. We can set up a broadcast-quality TV studio at your offices or take over a suitable studio while also capturing remote video for those unable to travel.

Interaction is key to making virtual and hybrid events a success; a secure log in page, personalised welcome screen and agendas with one click access to content, Q&A, polling, connection hubs and bespoke digital content, animations and gamification would all play a role. Pre-event comms will be driven through the site including social media feeds and our event in a box, to encourage a sense of togetherness. Presentations will be stored on the site for on demand viewing afterwards.


We are becoming event broadcasters.

This isn't something new. We've been delivering digital events for over a decade. We've worked with The Labour Party, The Economist and ITV, delivering numerous broadcasts and hybrid events with the highest production standards.

We've built our reputation on building creative and engaging content, technology platforms and all aspects of production in the live, we are simply adapting this to the digital world.

A hybrid event harnesses technology to permit both a live and an online audience to view the same content at the same time. The live environment could be a studio, your office or a conference room. By nature Hybrid events offer flexible, sustainable and scalable solutions to reaching a wide audience and providing event legacy via the sharing of content both during and after the event.

We can design and build all elements of your event in the physical space to match the look and feel of your chosen platform, with Broadcast quality cameras to capture all the action on stage and professional crew to manage the live experience.  


Broadcast Stability

The professional world has become accustomed to meeting over video and Zoom has been the most successful platform, adopted by so many of us to conduct day-to-day meetings. We offer two services using Zoom as the sole platform and more advanced options that can integrate with Zoom and any other video conferencing application into a live stream, run from our MCR (Master Control Room).

Think of a gallery in a TV studio, with different feeds coming in from presenters wherever they are. The show is directed from this gallery and shots are chosen and switched to, alongside the playback of video and supporting animations. Our MCR serves as this gallery and a technical hub from which virtual events can be produced and streamed with broadcast level stability.


"Thank you so much for ensuring such a polished show! Being the first one for us, we really appreciate the support and guidance that you gave. The initial feedback has been incredible - everyone commenting on how slick and professional it looked."

Women of the Future Programme