Tutankhamun’s Treasures

Unprecedented collection coming to Saatchi Gallery


Commemorating the centenary of the discovery that captivated the world, the largest collection of King Tutankhamun's treasures ever to travel out of Egypt will open at the Saatchi Gallery for a limited run from 2nd November to 3rd May 2020.

Produced by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and IMG, and presented in London by Viking Cruises, the Saatchi Gallery engagement will be the third stop of a 10-city world tour and is set to feature more than 150 original artefacts from Tutankhamun’s tomb, including 60 on their first journey outside Egypt.

Broadsword have been selected as the sole production supplier to the Gallery for this period and were tasked to produce a drinks reception to celebrate the upcoming exhibition Tutankhamun : Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh and the exclusive event opportunities available during the show.


Tutankhamun Promotional Event


Saatchi Gallery

An Iconic Backdrop

The legend of Tutankhamun captured imaginations globally when, in 1922 his tomb was unearthed by British explorer Howard Carter. An instant worldwide sensation, public fascination surrounding the boy king - and the only Ancient Egyptian royal tomb ever found intact - has continued for decades.

Through nine immersive galleries incorporating digital content, contextual material, audio and custom soundscapes, visitors will follow Tutankhamun's passage into everlasting life, discovering how his funerary objects were used on the perilous journey. As they explore his life, visitors will become part of perpetuating the Pharaoh's immortality: to speak his name is to make him live. 

The exhibition will provide an iconic backdrop for bespoke morning tours and evening events. Breakfasts, sumptuous dinners and drinks receptions will be on offer as small numbers of guests are guided around the two floors of the gallery by curators. As well as dinner with speakers such as the great grandson of the 5th Earl Carnarvon who financed the discovery of the tomb, there will be an opportunity to uncover the cause of death of the boy King through forensic teambuilding and the ultimate children’s sleepover at the Gallery.

Bringing it to life

Our brief was to give guests a flavour of what was to come and bring some of the exhibition’s stunning artefacts to life, by projecting images onto the walls within the gallery. Using three projectors, our talented technical team created a stunning, immersive projection blend across the walls of the gallery with the images seamlessly transitioning. The vibrant colours, iconic images and symbols of the show were complemented by some traditional Egyptian music played via our speakers flown high above the gallery.

Pudding Pyramid

A representative from IMG, official organisers of the show, made a short speech on stage and a video presentation about the highlights of the exhibition was also shown. Catering was provided by Urban Caprice and By Word of Mouth, who produced a fantastical pyramid of puddings.

Broadsword have been a preferred supplier to the Saatchi Gallery for over a decade. Our understanding of the event spaces, allows us greater freedom to be creative, whilst ensuring the building and artefacts are protected and safe. We have been privileged to run numerous new exhibition launches and some high profile internally run events. We take great pride in our diligent approach to ensure these events are delivered to the highest standard, reflecting the Saatchi’s exemplary image in the public eye.

As a preferred supplier to the Saatchi Gallery for over a decade, Broadsword has been privileged to run numerous new exhibition launches.