Thomson Reuters Foundation

Trust Conference


The Thomson Reuters Foundation is the corporate foundation of Thomson Reuters, the global news and information services company. They work to advance media freedom, raise awareness of human rights issues, and foster more inclusive economies.

They held their annual flagship event, Trust Conference, at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in the heart of London. The event brings together 600 delegates from more than 60 countries. Day one addressed creating a fairer economic system for those left behind and day two looked at closing civil society space, with a special focus on media freedom and tech and human rights.



Trust Conference


Thomson Reuters Foundation


The event management team at the Thomson Reuters Foundation approached Broadsword to put forward ideas for this year’s event. They wanted to improve the level of event production to help get their message across and to make 2019’s Trust Conference the best yet.

With a clear and defined purpose, Broadsword Creative Director Martin Walton and Producer John Telfer had no difficulty coming up with suggestions on how to help the Thomson Reuters Foundation deliver their message.

The Design

Our approach to the event design was to ensure that the powerful imagery that accompanied the stories being told over the two days were displayed in a big and bold manner. We also broke out of the traditional screen mould by using bespoke portrait projection surfaces for supporting content.

To kick off the day we designed an impactful opening sting which included hard hitting news pieces from the Thomson Reuters archive and was accompanied by exciting motion graphics that made full use of all the displays. The design motifs created for the opening sting were then carried throughout the day, with stings introducing each individual session. A second sting was also created for the second day tailored to that day’s programme.

Splitting the Stage

We opted to split the stage and have Keynote speakers presenting from a raised stage in front of the central LED wall. This meant the imagery was behind the presenters. For the panel discussions we introduced a stage on the floor in front of the venue stage. This broke down the barrier of ‘us and them’ bringing the panel closer to the audience.

“The production for our event was light years ahead of what we’ve previously had. Broadsword understood our ethos and vision for the event almost immediately and were quick to respond to last minute requests. Thank you to everyone on the team."