T. Rowe Price

Annual Investment Forum


T. Rowe Price held their Annual Investment Forum at the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, London. Broadsword produced the all-day event, including registration, plenaries, breakout sessions, finishing with a dinner. We successfully fulfilled the requirement that this high profile and complex event maintained the feel of a modern business environment throughout.


Annual Investment Forum


T. Rowe Price

Bespoke Content

Broadsword’s talented creative team produced bespoke content for the opening videos, walk-on stings, presentation transitions, and backdrops. We absorbed extensive knowledge about T. Rowe Price’s branding and brief, in order to create content that truly represented the essence of the company and the event.

Panoramic Staging

Broadsword’s stage design was a panoramic backdrop, and a versatile set to host panel discussions, and individual speakers. The central feature consisted of asymmetrical stepped panels which welcomed speakers onto the stage. In total there were two large LED screens, and two LED walls which wrapped around the pillars on either side of the audience. The content flowed across all four screens, creating an immersive experience for the delegates.

As a unique alternative for signage, Broadsword designed and created LED totems which stood outside each breakout space. The totems were a combination of several illuminated cubes, and printed cubes which changed colour. Each colour determined which breakout space guests needed to attend. This event heavily featured LED lighting, which Broadsword advocate the use of as is it 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. Less energy use reduces the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

"Your team was a pleasure to work with, both before the event and on the day. Nothing was too much trouble and it all came together exactly as we imagined and was delivered in a way that gave me confidence that I could trust you and focus on running the show front of house overall."