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Navigating the Digital Wave


Collaboration was at the heart of this project, working with the Saatchi gallery, Broadsword created a showcase exploring the what, how and why of virtual and hybrid events, producing and directing a short film on the new post-Covid challenges organisers and suppliers are facing.  

‘Now Playing’ was created and designed to show the possibilities of a broadcast style format, with interviews and presentations filmed alongside a professional host from multiple locations within the gallery and some interviewees joining via video link, illustrating the effectiveness of this format for digital events.


Now Playing Broadcast


Broadsword and The Saatchi Gallery

Overwhelmingly Positive

Those participating included Anthony Coleridge, Head of Events at Saatchi, who hosted the event and Suzanne Costello, Head of Events at the Advertising Association who spoke about the challenges of taking live events online.  Strikingly, the tone is overwhelmingly positive – with most of the focus on the opportunities for innovation using event technology.  

‘Now Playing’ clearly illustrates the value of professional film production and a studio set up. Show production and contingency planning were addressed by Creative Director, Martin Walton, alongside a behind the scenes view of Broadsword’s Master Control Room (MCR) which can facilitate a wide range of virtual and hybrid events.

The blueprint for the broadcast

Broadsword’s mix of creativity and technical expertise, alongside extensive broadcasting experience has enabled the team to make sense of what’s on offer, what’s possible, what the options are so that they can translate and steer clients and design virtual events that are fit for purpose.

So what was the starting point for this project? Well of course, it was the script, which told the story and was the blueprint for the broadcast. Setting the parameters and creating a seamless production process, the script served as a guide for everyone involved. A professional host was engaged to guide the show, narrating, interviewing, moderating and acting as the audience’s “tour guide”. It was important that the host was confident and natural, had a general ease talking to the camera and could read from the autocue.

A word from the MD

Anna Green, MD of Broadsword was interviewed in person. She spoke about the events industry as a whole over the course of the pandemic and its response to the unmitigated calamity of this period, but also of the benefits that virtual events bring in terms of access.

“I’m so proud to be a part of the UK events industry. The way the community has responded to Covid-19, everyone collaborating and supporting each other has been what’s kept us all going. The switch to virtual has been pretty radical, it’s had to be, but we are definitely working on a model that will enable the events of the future, for the audiences of the future, which is exciting.”

‘Now Playing’ is available to access by following the link below to a dedicated microsite with a resources page to help organisers in planning their next virtual or hybrid event.