100 Year Anniversary


The world’s first airline, KLM, celebrated their 100 years anniversary in London. Broadsword produced two events as a full-service management project in London and Manchester. We worked as one team to source all aspects of the event: the venues, entertainment, catering, scenic, production, and aesthetics, making for a truly unique guest experience. The key event themes were celebration, innovation, and sustainability.


100 Year Anniversary




The majestic National Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery were the perfect locations to host these grand events to celebrate KLM’s centenary. In creating a night to remember, Broadsword assured that the enchantment of the event begun from the very moment guests entered the venue. Each spectacular entrance commenced the guest journey, as they were greeted by hosts in KLM uniforms and then welcomed by a live musical performance, interactive poet, bespoke cocktails, and received exclusive access to the artwork. Leading on into another area, guests departed the old, and arrived into the new.

Wow Factor

An essential requirement for this event was to feature a wow factor entertainment piece. A creative idea was sparked, and the Broadsword team came together as a safe pair of hands to make it happen. Our idea symbolised the Troposphere – the band of our atmosphere in which aircraft fly and where we as flyers have the privilege to look down upon our planet – we symbolised this through giving our guests the privilege to look at things from a different perspective. We animated, directed, and constructed a unique holographic performance. The 3D projections celebrated a timeline of KLM’s history, in a futuristic means which looked forward to the next 100 years. 


In celebrating KLM’s future, it was imperative Broadsword reduced the carbon footprint of the 100 Years events. The attention was in the detail, and so we dressed the modern room with cushions handmade from unused KLM uniforms, recycled furniture, and reduced paper waste to landfill by using electronic devices for guest registration. 

"Thank you and to all the team who made our event last night happen smoothly. It was nice working together for these two big projects and I’m happy our customers have had such positive feedback."