FiveAI Showcase

Future direction of travel


A showcase for FiveAI, this event was held at the Design Museum in Kensington, the perfect setting to display an AI unit that can be retrofit onto cars allowing them to be self-driven. Delegates from multiple industries including Tech, Transport and Government were invited to view two cars which were on show along with five stands demonstrating the five Key elements of the AI unit, from design to functionality.


FiveAI Showcase




FiveAI bring together the best minds in AI, engineering and mobility to deliver a fully autonomous shared transport service for Europe’s cities. Europe’s cities are diverse and to serve them safely, FiveAI are creating highly intelligent and robust tech.

FiveAI aims to offer a shared taxi service, rather than cars for consumers to buy. Its test cars are fitted with 14 cameras, six radars, three light radars, and computers that make 300 trillion calculators per second. Driverless supervised car trials have already begun in Bromley and Croydon, featuring the highly visible FiveAI-branded Ford Mondeos and the organisation will start offering a commercial service in London by 2022.

Enhancing the scene

We were tasked to transform the Atrium of the Design Museum for this showcase, featuring two branded cars and light them as though they were on display in a showroom. Light has such power when you get it right; drawing the guests’ attention to the cars and highlighting their distinctive shade of blue, made them the main focus in the scene. We created a broadcast quality presentation space and three large projections to display all content linked to the show ensuring all guests had a clear view.

Branding was a significant element with a number of large banners hung over the banister to give maximum impact as guests walked in. The banners also highlighted the demonstration stands, each with a localised presentation space. We also produced a step and repeat board for photo opportunities.

A stunning setting

The Design Museum's Atrium provided an iconic space for such a future-focused showcase, with dramatic triple height space and stunning overhead views of the original hyperbolic, paraboloid roof, made with 25 tonnes of copper.

It is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design and an architectural icon, promoting innovation and nurturing the next generation of design talent. The perfect backdrop for an ambitious, technology-led company to host an event.

It was great to be a part such an inspiring showcase. The race is certainly on for autonomous car systems and bringing this fantastic example to life was very rewarding.