Be Bold

A global event in Philadelphia


Tasked to stage the start of a tremendous year for a global corporate, Broadsword rose to the challenge of producing a bold and inspiring three-day Annual Sales Kick Off event in Philadelphia for 600 delegates from around the world.


Sales Kick Off Conference


Clarivate Analytics


The aim of our design was to create an arena style layout, which encircled and encompassed everyone involved, creating a modern business environment and keeping the elements of open discussion and participation foremost. The feeling of being 'in the round' unified participants.

Streaming the main plenary to colleagues unable to attend we directed a multi-camera shoot, capturing the event's proceedings from all angles with a live feed to screen. The sheer scale of the digital backdrop and the dynamic motion graphics that we reimagined, amplified the message and purpose of the event: to instill a sense of confidence and pushing forward.

Live Streaming

One of the challenges we relished was the complex task of sending a simultaneous live stream of the main plenary, along with numerous breakout rooms (there were 8 in total) via control rooms in the venue and back in London, to employees across the globe. Given the logistical time zone challenges All sessions were also available immediately ‘on-demand’.

On arrival delegates entering the main room could be heard saying "Oh wow, this is amazing". We started with 15 seconds of silence and darkness, to concentrate everyone and focus the mind - a feat not often dared to be undertaken in a conference environment.

This was a big and a brilliant show

A Broadsword team of eight from the UK.

600 delegates

Three days of presentations across three floors

Live on-demand streaming from the main room and eight breakout rooms

Management of 15 concurrent sessions

Two evening offsites including a Gala Dinner with 40 category awards show

Suppliers from London, Cambridge, Hastings, Manchester, Chicago and Philadelphia.

This event saw Broadsword doing what it does the best.

On arrival delegates entering the main room could be heard saying "Oh wow, this is amazing".