Filming & Editing

A professionally produced event film is a fantastic way to achieve lasting value and preserve a project’s legacy. We specialise in filming a wide variety of live events - presentations, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, awards ceremonies, corporate documentaries, product launches and vox pop interviews – with solutions ranging from single-camera to large multi-camera set-ups. Highly experienced in working to tight deadlines, our production schedules ensure that content is ready on time, within budget and in the correct format.

With the best in camera equipment, all filming and post production is serviced from our in-house London graphics house and editing studio.

We safely backup and archive the recorded video footage, as well as crafting it into a fully realised version with suitable music soundtrack.

• Live relay
• Single camera set-ups
• Multi-camera set-ups
• Post production
• Highlights reels
• Time-lapses
• Photography

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