Our Culture

Behind the scenes at Broadsword

Broadsword Event House is a family and home to a collective of brilliant people. We have parties, picnics and pub visits throughout the year, fund raising activities, running club, book club, bake-offs and birthday presents.

Within our four walls, we celebrate the diverse mixture of perspectives and personalities and how they bounce off one another to breed creativity. Events can literally change the world and we are very proud to play our part and to take it one step further.


Perhaps the biggest topic that needs our attention as fellow humans is sustainability. We are committed to making a difference to the climate crisis and doing our bit for the planet and the event industry. We will continue to come up with creative sustainable innovations including stage sets made of recycled cardboard and crafting furniture made of client literature or artefacts. Staff are encouraged to question solutions which they feel could be done in way that has less of an impact outside of the event itself.

We have also introduced reusable water bottles, planting trees every time we take a flight abroad for work, continuing to reuse and recycle office consumables, as well as scenic items and technical equipment that is repurposed again and again for multiple events; this is pretty much built-in to a company that delivers event production, as we do.

Community Impact

We believe that this decade will see some real positive changes regarding our place as social creatures, as many more of us realise that what matters is not a cursory thumbs up, but a real hands-on approach. So what can we as a group of responsible adults do to help? Many of us already give up some of our spare time to help other people. As a business we raise money for nominated charities but money is only part of the solution. Therefore, we have decided as a business to commit a proportion of our people’s time during the working week to serve our communities and hopefully inspire others to do likewise. Broadsword have offered every member of staff a volunteering day, where we will as groups or as individuals go and see some things that we wouldn’t normally see and help people we might never normally meet.

Modern slavery. Another thing that has been affected by the pace of change in our world and which needs our help to try and sort out. This is something that we thought we knew about but actually, like a lot of people probably didn’t give it enough thought, or at least didn’t really know what we could do about it other than support organisations that are trying to stop it and remove our support from those that do the opposite. Staff all receive training to raise awareness and be pointed towards areas in our work where there is low pay and told that is they see something that doesn’t’ look right, to question it and to report it.


facing more pressure and stress as time goes on. Early starts, late finishes and making sure that each event is as perfect as the last. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a bubble.

At Broadsword, we are supportive to everyone that works for us and take time to listen. We have a trained Mental Health First Aider. Everyone has access to a health and wellbeing platform with 24/7 support service. We encourage a work life balance, as well as healthy eating, regular exercise and dogs in the office!

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