Brilliant People

A thriving team who will go above and beyond time and again.

Behind every event
is a great story

There is always something good to take away from every show and every so often, we do something that really makes a difference to people’s lives. Probably the most famous show to impact millions of lives, was held at the Lincoln Memorial, where at the culmination of the Walk for Freedom in 1963, Dr Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous speech to around 250,000 people.

This was a highly emotionally charged time where, just across the National Mall, the US Congress were debating the Civil Rights Movement led by President Kennedy. A quarter of a million people were crammed into a square mile of space, on a sweltering June day, and all of them wanted to hear Dr King speak.

Organisers transformed a crowd into an audience, with a sound system costing ten times what was normally spent for these events. Martin Luther King Jr knew his 'why'. He had a dream. And by communicating that dream, the world became better and millions of people's lives were transformed.

Everyone at Broadsword knows our ‘why’.

To bring to life thoughts, ideas and dreams, so that they can be shared with others.

Our people are the key to doing things the Broadsword way. The ‘How’ to our ‘Why’. We listen, we understand and we ask the right questions.

The result? Brilliant shows. This not only describes what we do, but also how we do it - by encouraging our team to show how brilliant they are.

Meet the Team

With a strong culture of building lasting, positive relationships with clients and peers, ours is a close-knit and collaborative community.



Hires Coordinator

Hires Coordinator Adam got a taste for the event industry while working with the Secret Cinema. He spends his spare time building drones, which could come in handy to accommodate ambitious future plans for a giant flying warehouse!


Venue Partnership Manager

Venue Partnership Manager, Aleysha operates as the lead point of contact and trusted advisor for our ever expanding list of venues. A vivacious character partial to belting a tune, it’s hardly a surprise her dream event is a celeb wedding!


Warehouse Technician

Warehouse Technician Alex realised he wanted to work in events during university where he studied Electronic Music Production and Music Performance. He loves working with a fun team and learning all about the equipment we use. Outside of work you will find Alex DJing, shopping for new music tech and making electronic music. He describes himself as kind, funny and enthusiastic. Superpower of choice? Flight. Dream event? An event for DJ equipment company, Pioneer.


Marketing & Communications Executive

Marketing & Communications Executive Alice is always willing to lend a helping hand; she is generous, happy and thoughtful. The music scene is her dream; she would love to be backstage at Glastonbury where you might mistake her for Adele’s younger sister!


Set Carpenter

Set Carpenter Andy is highly skilled and experienced and likes the fact that, in his role, every day is different. He approaches all projects with a level head and a sound sense of humour. Superpower of choice? He would love to be green, just like the hulk!


Managing Director

Bubbling with ideas and energy, Managing Director Anna makes it her mission to tell the Broadsword story with creative campaigns and entertaining copy. An avid reader, art enthusiast and theatregoer, there’s plenty of places from which to draw inspiration.


3D Artist

3D Artist, Ben studied Interior Design in Milan and is inspired by architecture, video and photography for his role at Broadsword. A passionate music lover, he’s an avid vinyl collector and his dream event would probably be a Jazz Music Festival.



Broadsword founder, Bruce likes to defy convention, from pushing event boundaries to his degree – Theatre Studies with Mathematics. Always enthusiastic, Bruce loves the variety of the job and solving the unsolvable. His guilty pleasure? Fine wine..


Set Carpenter

With ten years’ experience across Europe, Set Builder Coco brings energy, passion and a wealth of specialist carpentry skills to Broadsword. When the tools have been packed away for the day, he has a penchant for rock climbing, modern art and architecture.


Account Manager

Account Manager Diane loves going behind the scenes at some of London’s most unique venues. Outside of work you will find her acting in her local theatre company and running. Her guilty pleasure? Peanut butter and milk chocolate cookies!


Production Assistant

Production Assistant Ellie studied Theatre and Film at university before jetting off to travel for a year in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam. Volunteering in events is what inspired her to join the industry as she loves to work creatively within a team towards an end product. When she’s not at work you will find her going to see live theatre, gigs and comedy. Guilty pleasure? Chocolate, wine and Fleetwood Mac. Superpower of choice? Flight. Always. (To be free as a bird!)


Warehouse & Workshop Manager

Before joining Broadsword, Warehouse & Workshop Manager Jack worked in the event catering industry for 10 years, working at events all over the UK. His dream event is the FIFA World Cup, which he describes as the greatest event in the world. If he wasn’t working in events, he would be a community football coach to help use sport as a social tool to improve people’s lives. Superpower of choice? Invisibility.


Operations Assistant

Operations Assistant Jack describes himself as a sociable person – driven, bubbly and caring. He is also a huge sportsman and fan. Cricket and boxing are his chosen sports which he has participated and played in since he was young. Guilty pleasure? Eating a little too much ice cream! Superpower of choice? To be invincible.


Production Manager

Production Manager Jacob really enjoys the initial planning of a project, conceptualising new ways to deliver ideas. He likes inventing, tinkering and going on adventures. His dream event hasn’t been conceived yet, but lasers and holograms and electromagnets will be involved.


Warehouse Technician

Warehouse Technician Jake has a background in personal training, he loves working with the technical equipment and his colleagues. His dream event would be EDC Las Vegas. Outside of work he loves going to festivals, sports and going on holidays. Superpower of choice? Invisibility or mind control. Guilty pleasure? Krispy Kremes and Emmerdale!


Senior Technician

Senior Technician Jamie says the best thing about his job is getting to make things look and sound cool. Trouble-shooting and getting things working is all the more rewarding when the pressure’s on; he loves it when you plug things in and they just work! Dream event? Operating video or lighting cues for his beloved Boston Bruins (NHL) home games at the TD Garden in Boston. Superpower? Teleportation, although not if it meant he couldn’t ride his bike anymore.


Event Coordinator

With a background in music production and audio engineering, Event Coordinator Jason’s superpower of choice would be to run as fast as Flash, which could come in handy in a London traffic jam! When he’s not busy prepping kit for distribution, you’ll find him at the cinema, playing soccer or surfing.


Production Manager

Production Manager Jennifer’s first job was as an Assistant Technician at her local theatre, and she has carried on in the arts/events industry since. Her favourite part of an event is when she successfully solves problems and loves the satisfaction of a happy client. Outside of work Jennifer loves exploring, reading and cycling. Her dream event? Glastonbury Festival. Her guilty pleasure? Love Island.



Director Justin realised during his Economics degree that playing with lights in the student union was far more intriguing than interest rates. His forte is keeping cool under pressure, there’s just one thing he needs to make it all happen: coffee.


Project Manager

Project Manager Laura started in PR then quickly realized events was the side of the job she loved. She describes herself as loyal, friendly, organised. She loves organising things and people and loves working on different projects with different people in different places. Her dream event? Any event that involves food so probably Taste London. Outside of work Laura loves cooking and eating, walking, crafts and boxsets. Superpower of choice? Teleportation as cutting out a commute and not having to get on a tube would make life a lot better. Guilty pleasure? Not so guilty - but a big rack of ribs!


Production Manager

Production Manager Liam’s passion for music, but limited guitar playing ability (his words) led him to study Music Systems Engineering at university. Once he graduated he started freelancing as a live sound engineer. He says the best thing about his job is the people he gets to work with and that there is “no normal day at work”. Superpower of choice? Teleportation.


Set Carpenter

Set Carpenter Louis studied carpentry before joining Broadsword. He loves working with the rest of the scenic team as they are friendly and easy to have a laugh with! Guilty pleasure? Buying and collecting shoes. Superpower of choice? To fly.


Production Manager

After graduating with a MA in New Media Art Curatorship in Barcelona, Production Manager Marco made his way into the audio-visual industry by starting his own web magazine. He has organised events in clubs, galleries, cultural venues and some of the best theatres in London. Marco loves keeping a smile on his face, the clients and the rest of his team! Outside of work Marco likes going to art exhibitions, djing and cooking. Guilty pleasure? Horror films. Superpower of choice? To teleport.


Creative Director

Creative Director Martin will replace any event stress you have with imaginative ideas that retain a logical touch – essential when planning an event! An avid film fan, his dream event would be The Oscars, where you might mistake him for a young John Simm.


Commercial Director

Commercial Director Matt has a wealth of expertise in creative event production. Fresh thinking, charismatic and driven, he can translate concepts into extraordinary events. Outside of work, Matt enjoys dreaming and scheming while walking his whippet, Meg.


Video Editor

Editor Olivia wandered into the world of film having started life as a musician, studying drums at university. Her dream event? A TED talk. She loves the huge variety of people in the audience all coming together to learn and be inspired.


Operations Coordinator

With a diploma in audio engineering, Operations Coordinator Paul is passionate about every job he turns his hand to. His dream event would involve a Lamborghini Diablo (yellow, of course), but his normal every day requires analysis, planning and execution.


Scenic Manager

With 25 years’ experience in the live events industry, Scenic Manager Phil enjoys working on a different range of events surrounded by a great team. His superpower of choice? To be invisible. His dream job? The Ryder Cup, purely for the golf of course…


Operations Manager

Before joining Broadsword, Rob studied Music Technology at university. As Operations Manager, every day is different, but when he’s not busy dealing with event logistics you’ll find him rustling up something in the kitchen with Lionel Richie warbling in the background.


Video Editor & Motion Graphics Animator

Motion Graphics Designer, Robert enjoys seeing his contribution to our live events on the big screen. Being on-site and listening to presentations, he feels there is always an opportunity to learn something new and insightful. He's pretty busy with his young family outside of work, but he does have time for an unusual guilty pleasure...bringing old Atari ST's back to life!


Technical Manager

You’ll find Technical Manager Sam’s friendly face and expert skill set pop up all over the place, as he installs and operates Broadsword’s equipment. Before entering the live event world, he once thought about training as a fireman – not just because of the name!


Office Manager

Office Manager Sarah loves being part of a strong team and always welcomes a challenge! Outside of work you will find her watching endless boxsets, running and doing yoga! Her superpower of choice? To be able to fly.


Design Lead

Design Lead Seb has been a visual designer for over ten years. He loves taking information or ideas and translating them into clear and stimulating visuals that tell a story. His passion is music which fits in with this dream event, creating a backdrop for a Bjork concert! Outside of work you will find him playing the drums, at a gig or attending art exhibitions. Guilty pleasure? Maybe beer. Or junk food.


Project Manager

Project Manager Sophie is your first port of call when you require a Broadsword-helmed event, and she’ll keep you updated every step of the way. With so much to do it’s no surprise that hardworking Sophie’s superpower would be not needing any sleep.


Production Manager

Peanut butter M&M’s and his Spotify playlist keep Production Manager Stuart on the go. Being technically minded, he likes coming up with creative solutions for stage sets. His dream event? As an aspiring e-sport player it has to be a Sony Keynote at E3.


Event Designer

Event Designer Trini loves to come up with innovative ideas to enhance experiences within events. The best thing about her job is seeing her sketches being developed into a 3D design and then into construction! Dream event? To design a set for the BAFTA or BRIT awards! Superpower of choice? The ability to understand all languages.

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