What is Dataton Watchout?

There are many ways to skin a cat they say. Quite who ‘they’ are, we don’t know nor perhaps want to, but the phrase certainly applies to the events industry and in particular when it comes to complex video and presentation systems.

Take ultra-wide, edge blended projection screens as an example. How do you deliver high-resolution images and graphics programming across massive screens using multiple projectors? What about getting video to play back in sync? Can you have live camera or slide windows appear over a moving background? Relay screens? LED walls?

The questions seem endless and the pitfalls seem great, but the solution, you’ll be pleased to hear. Is simple.

Watchout technology.

Speedo 2012 (3)

This clever piece of presentation storytelling software is able to control many display computers and make sure that they deliver content to a multitude of screens and projectors. Not only that, it will make sure this happens exactly when you want it to. Whilst also handling any blending across your ultra-wide screen. And correcting for geometry errors. In 3D if you like.

Dataton Watchout was invented around twenty years ago and we have been using it at Broadsword for almost the same amount of time. That’s an incredible lifespan in the computing and electronics world, and it just keeps getting better as the years roll on. The current Watchout software also encompasses projection mapping tools – wrapping physical objects such as cars and buildings with projected images and animation to really bring life to your centre stage.

The key to Watchout’s longevity has been its flexibility and the fact that it runs on standard computer hardware rather than relying on a ‘black box’ that becomes out of date as the components inside are superseded. In fact most of the applications for Watchout that we see at corporate events only really scratch the surface of its capabilities.

Just about the only thing it can’t do is actually skin a cat, and that’s a very good thing in our book. You could say we’re feline great about that…

By  Martin Walton on August 9, 2018

Topics: Industry Insights

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