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Staying In Doesn't Mean Missing Out

We humans are very social animals it’s fair to say. We love a gathering – a chance to have our say, to share ideas, to experience things as a group.

Even when we invent technology like the smart phone that can do so much for us as individuals, we load it with apps that help us to stay in touch with other people. That connection with the outside world is a powerful thing.

Take the humble Satnav for example. Not so long ago we would jump in the car armed with just a map and a sense of intrepid hope, and if we got lost its ok because we can ask someone for directions (for men in particular, this may take several rounds of prompting). Now, our phone can tell us where to go on its own, but we would much prefer being connected to other road users and getting their advice too, if the popularity of Waze is anything to go by.

It’s this mix of the social and the technical that has meant we have an answer to challenges like the Coronavirus doing its best to keep us at home.

Faced with cancelling or postponing their events that they have worked hard to promote, many of our clients are instead embracing the fact that a portion of their audience is taking part somewhere else and simply changing the way they do things to include them.

Take our Event in a Box for example. Your delegate working from home receives an intriguing parcel, a beautiful package that a certain tech giant would be proud of with your event logo on it, and a simple instruction – Open on DD/MM/YY.

The day arrives. Your delegate breaks the seal and opens the lid to find a treasure trove of goodness. All the things you need to feel part of the event experience and nothing you don’t. There’s the delegate badge printed with a QR code that takes you to the event site and logs you in. A message invites you to enjoy a cup of coffee and a biscuit, also in your box. Perhaps a booklet with speaker bios and agenda to follow along with and somewhere to keep your notes.

There’s a small webcam in there with instructions telling you how to plug it in and access the meeting. The box itself opens out to make a greenscreen background that clips onto the back of your chair for those Zoom meetings, complete with some digital backgrounds to make you feel like you’re in the room, or anywhere else you fancy.

Or how about your own set of Oculus Go VR glasses, so that you can access the 360-degree cameras at the event and really feel part of the action?

These are services that we offer to our clients all the time, but the key to making a Hybrid Event work is to focus on the delegate experience at home as well as in the room, and to try and merge the two with your content so that everyone is engaged. ‘Fly on the wall’ is probably more boring than not being able to fly there in the first place.

We will also help you plan your sessions so that they appeal to the mix of audiences. Two-way communication between many locations is possible at live events – we do it a lot: it’s a fun way of breaking things up and bringing everyone into the room.

Or for true ‘wow-factor’ go down the rabbit hole from the safety of your own swivel chair as our VR app takes you to areas of the event that you can only access online. A wealth of exclusive content that you can only experience by not being there!

Almost a reason to stay at home in itself.

We said almost!

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By  Martin Walton on March 6, 2020

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