The jellyfish has landed

Video and animation production has always been a part of live events and therefore a part of our offering at Broadsword. The video record of an event is often the legacy of it, once the excitement of the moment fades.

With one eye on the future of this exciting medium, we have been making significant investments in our technology and our people to grow our Creative department, to make sure that we offer our clients the best service that we can.

Broadsword has recently bought the Sony FS7 camera system which is now our standard for capturing live and scripted productions, and offers images up to 4K Ultra High Definition – that’s four times the resolution of Full HD.

To mix these images together live for on-screen display, streaming or recording, we also have our Blackmagic vision mixing system available which is capable of taking in up to 8 sources, adding captions and recording the mix in one box.

Annual Director's Dinner_ Science Museum_DSC00194

Post-Production has also seen a complete revamp of the way we store and edit the video footage with the purchase of some brand-new iMac Pro 10-core workstations, connected to our Jellyfish media asset management system. With 4k providing four times the resolution, we needed a lot more bandwidth for file sharing and storage and so the Jellyfish give us a 10-fold increase in both these areas.

With all these great new tools, we are also delighted to have had Olivia and Robert join us to make it all work, and to offer their excellent creative production talents to make sure that the screen content for your next event looks beautiful both on site, and for years to come afterwards.

Matt Green
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