The Broadsword Community

During this time of uncertainty, our lovely community has been growing more than ever before.  Our team has come together, sharing ideas and inspiration with each other.

We are all very distant from each other and not in our normal routine. So, it’s more important than ever to keep our community going.

Our community has always been bubbling alongside our events and growing within the company. But, it’s more important now than ever before to keep us all connected while we're all so far apart.

Here are a few things the Broadsword team have been doing...

Quiz Nights
Usually we go to the pub for monthly payday drinks. We're now bringing the pub indoors. Taking it in turns to host weekly quiz nights which we are hosting for any of the team to join. Our first one, hosted by Jamie was a film quiz and was lots of fun.

Fit Club
Instead of our running club, we have now taking it online and have introduced a fit club. It’s so motivating to see the exercise journey of others. We have all inspired each other to try out something new. Ten minutes of yoga a day, a Joe Wicks daily workout or a run outside, there is something for everyone.

Cooking Club
We also have a growing community that love cooking and share recipes and meals each day. Recently we've had banana bread, chicken katsu curry, fish pie and american pancakes. A few of the team have also been making their own culture to create sourdough bread. We're all very impressed. It’s wonderful to see so many of us getting our culinary juices flowing and creating some great food!

Film Club
Each Friday, at 4pm we all sit down, get some popcorn, put our feet up and watch a film. We put a vote out to the team earlier in the week to decide on the film. Our first film was Monty Python's Life of Brian, the second Blindspotting and the third is still yet to be decided! Watch this space.

What is it Wednesday
An interesting and fun activity that we do each Wednesday! We post a close up photo from something in our homes for others to guess what it is. We've had some good ones so far, which have been very hard to guess. A lemon squeezer, a piece from a game, a baseball and a painting. A bit of fun to brighten our weeks.

Book Club
A place for us all to share the books we are reading. The idea is that we post the book we start to read and once we get to the end, give it a rating out of five and any feedback to share with others. A marvellous way to find out about new books and books we wouldn't normally pick up.

Music Club
Last but not least, our music club. A great place that we have been using to share new music we find, playlists we have created and some top picks of the week.

We have such a wide range of groups appearing in our community and it’s the best way to keep us altogether as one team. We hope you have taken some inspiration and if you want to chat to us about how we are keeping our community going, please do get in touch.


By  Anna Green on April 3, 2020

Topics: News, Tips

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