Snow days glow days

The Beast from the East? It’s quite a harsh description for something that is really rather pretty.

What is it about snow? It paints the world white and almost illuminates. Refreshes. Renews. Somehow snow seems to bring out the best in our environment and wipe the slate of the world clean. But is it just the colour white or the way it interacts with the winter sunshine?

Colour can be such a powerful tool in the world of live events, but the lighting is often a hidden and much underestimated tool. It can make the simplest event backdrop look magical, or a lavish solution look terrible if you get it wrong. With the right design and the creation of layers of different lighting effects, objects come alive. It can bring out texture, create a dramatic effect and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


When staging a live event, the positioning of lights is crucial and can influence the way we perceive the room and the people within it. Side lighting intensifies; front lighting flattens, destroying the appearance of presenters’ faces and washing out their features. Uplighting an entrance door, under the stairs and in small recesses in a reception area can create interest and sculptural effects.

The lighted environment, with varying levels of illumination, diffusion and colour, can achieve emotional responses and certain moods from an audience. Higher levels of lighting generally produce cheerful effects and stimulate people to alertness and activity, whereas lower levels tend to create an atmosphere of relaxation, intimacy and restfulness. Studies have shown that the colour of light can even affect the taste of food!

Looking to bring out the best in your event environment and create the ideal space? We advise putting aside a bit of extra lighting budget for a rainy (or snowy) day. And as always, we’re always happy to accompany you to a site visit, take a look at the landscape and sprinkle some suggestions to make it shine.

Matt Green
By  Matt Green on March 1, 2018   |  Find me on

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