Attention to Detail

Posted by  Matt Green on June 10, 2020

Come on. I’ll be honest. Certain aspects of attention to detail are not my strongest skillset. On the Insights Personality Test, you have those that sit in the colour ‘blue’, most of whom love a good spreadsheet and those who sit in the colour ‘yellow’ and often just have a feeling! I am very much a sunshine yellow. Detail is someone else’s game. Or is it? 

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Being Adaptable

Posted by  Martin Walton on May 29, 2020

The Swiss Army Knife Model

Right now, especially in the events world, being adaptable is just about the best quality you can have. That, and resilience of course.

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The End of Virtual Events

Posted by  Martin Walton on May 15, 2020

Our Need to Meet

We have built our business on bringing people together at meetings. It was a fantastic business, thriving and growing, run by people who loved spending time together.

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My Office Dog is going to be heartbroken when I actually have to go back to the office.

Posted by  Matt Green on May 12, 2020

I know that’s an oxymoron.

However, my whippet, Meg won’t be joining me when I eventually leave the confines of my kitchen diner for the real world. It’s not because she’s not allowed in our Somerset House office, or our warehouse/workshop. It’s more that the journey will probably kill her!

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Posted by  Matt Green on April 30, 2020

I’ve been at home now for almost 10 weeks. Prior to the global pandemic and UK lockdown I had contracted an illness, and subsequent infection that had seen me in isolation at home for almost three weeks before everyone else! It’s a tough gig, but I am lucky. I have more than one living / dining / kitchen room and a garden that catches the sun. Even so you still need your routines and triggers to stop each day blending into one. For me this is music. It always has been. I love it in (almost) all forms. It picks me up when I’m low. It fires me up when I’m getting ready to go! It sets the tone for everything I do. I’m also not fussy; currently I am writing this on my breakfast bar streaming to Kacey Musgraves simply because my daughter is making cookies. It’s not my cup of tea but she’s singing along and that makes me smile.

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Easter Venue Hunt 2020

Posted by  Anna Green on April 9, 2020

Introducing you to this year's Easter Venue Hunt. All you need to do is guess the venue, matching the pixelated photos with the following unique London locations.

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The Broadsword Community

Posted by  Anna Green on April 3, 2020

During this time of uncertainty, our lovely community has been growing more than ever before.  Our team has come together, sharing ideas and inspiration with each other.

We are all very distant from each other and not in our normal routine. So, it’s more important than ever to keep our community going.

Our community has always been bubbling alongside our events and growing within the company. But, it’s more important now than ever before to keep us all connected while we're all so far apart.

Here are a few things the Broadsword team have been doing...

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An update from Broadsword Event House regarding Covid-19

Posted by  Anna Green on March 25, 2020

Here at Broadsword HQ we like to think of ourselves as an adaptable and innovative bunch. We’re always thinking of ways to work with the situation put in front of us. As such we have spent much of the last two weeks looking at the ever changing environment and maybe like everyone else, fooling ourselves into thinking that we are open for “business as usual”.

Following the Prime Minister’s address on the evening of 23rd March, 2020 we have come to accept that, as with almost every other company across the globe, it is certainly anything but “business as usual”. 

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Think Inside the Box

Posted by  Martin Walton on March 6, 2020

Staying In Doesn't Mean Missing Out

We humans are very social animals it’s fair to say. We love a gathering – a chance to have our say, to share ideas, to experience things as a group.

Even when we invent technology like the smart phone that can do so much for us as individuals, we load it with apps that help us to stay in touch with other people. That connection with the outside world is a powerful thing.

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