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If you look at any great company, they know their ‘Why’. Apple, Microsoft, Virgin - they all know why they do what they do, and that vision drives what they do and how they do it.

Apple’s Think Different, Microsoft’s ‘a computer on every desk in every home’, and Virgin’s Changing Business for Good.

So we started to wonder - why do we do what we do?

It’s not about the money. To anyone who says it is, we would ask them why they need money in the first place?

Money is simply the fuel to keep things going and enabling us to do the things that we want to do. It is not a measure of success, nor is it the reason we get out of bed in the morning.

Don’t get us wrong - there are some shows that we do where the phrase ‘just keep thinking of the pay cheque’ is not far from the truth!

But most shows aren’t like that. There is always something good to take away from every show and every so often, we do something that really makes a difference to people.

Probably the most famous show to impact millions of lives, was held at The Lincoln Memorial, where at the culmination of the Walk for Freedom in 1963, Dr Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous speech to around 250,000 people.

This was a highly emotionally charged time where, just across the National Mall, the US Congress were debating the Civil  Rights Movement led by President Kennedy. A quarter of a million people were crammed into a square mile of space, on a  sweltering June day, and all of them wanted to hear Dr King speak.

Can you imagine what might have happened if they couldn’t hear? Suddenly you have a very angry crowd of people.

Fortunately the man in charge of security knew this. He was Bayard Ruskin and he said that the trick to keeping a crowd from  becoming something else, was to transform them into an audience. So, he fought to bring in a PA system costing ten times what was normally spent for these events. 16,000 dollars, which today would be close to 120,000.

The system took days to install back then, so imagine the horror when the organisers discovered at 8pm the night before that it had been sabotaged. Not just disabled, but savaged in fact. The company that installed the system were hundreds of miles away - there was no way they could get there and rebuild it in time.

So they called in the Army. And by late morning a team of elite radio engineers were able to put the system back together, circuit by circuit, and get it working again. Never have the words “Testing, one, two, three” been met with such relief!

Martin Luther King Jr knew his ‘why’. He had a dream. And by communicating that dream, the world became better and millions of people’s lives were transformed.

That story really inspired us in thinking about our ‘why’.

And it is this:

To bring to life thoughts, ideas and dreams, 
So that they can be shared with others.

We believe that we can only do this with the help of some excellent people.

Our people are the key to doing things the Broadsword way. The ‘How’ to our ‘Why’. 

We are the listening event agency

We are the safe pair of hands
We are one team

And to embody all of this, we have come up with a phrase that we think conveys that message in two words:

Brilliant Shows

This not only describes what we do, but also how we do it - by encouraging our team to show how brilliant they are.

2018 was another huge year with some stunning events and amazing additions to our dedicated staff team and venue portfolio. We delivered 514 shows in London, throughout the UK and across the globe. Everyone at Broadsword has played a part in this.

We approach 2019 with energy, confidence and a commitment to Brilliant Shows.

By sticking together as one team, we believe that Broadsword can continue to thrive and do some great work, for a long time to come.


By  Martin Walton on January 21, 2019

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