Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Today is Event Wellbeing Day. A day to focus on wellbeing in the events industry. 

Statistics from the EventWell website say that one in three event professionals suffer from mental ill health each year.

So, what can we do to change this? 


Talking is so important. Talk to each other. Talk at events. Talk to anyone. By having an open conversation about how you feel it can make you feel less isolated. 

We encourage talking at Broadsword. On national and worldwide wellbeing days, we start an open discussion in our offices by creating a wellbeing corner. 

We create a space where our team can have time out and read wellbeing information. As well as share some tips with the rest of the team on a notice board, which sparks a conversation. 

Create safe environments 

Creating a safe environment in the workplace will give team members the opportunity to ask for support. 

We are very lucky to have a trained Mental Health First Aider in our team. It gives us all a person to go too if we are in need of help, advice or support. In the workplace, this is invaluable and really important as many of us will face mental ill health each year. 

Eat well

Having a healthy lifestyle can boost your wellbeing. Fruit, vegetables and lots of water are not only good for your physical health but your mental health too. 

When there's a busy week on the horizon, try to plan your lunches. This will help maintain a healthy balanced diet. It's also great to try and get away from your desk and eat lunch in a different space. 

We provide everyone with a refillable water bottle, not only to reduce our plastic use, but to also encourage us all to drink more water. Since introducing the bottles, we have noticed everyone going to refill them a lot which is fantastic! 

We also make sure our offices have a fruit bowl that's always topped up. It's important to offer fruit to the team, to encourage us to all eat healthier during our working day. 

Today, on Event Wellbeing Day we will be giving every Broadsword employee a wellbeing pack. Full of items that we need to keep ourselves going when we need a boost. We have included: 

  • Two wellbeing quote cards with space to write notes on the back
  • A healthy recipe card to encourage us to eat well outside of work
  • A chocolate bar because sometimes, we just need some chocolate!
  • Essential oil which offers a calming effect and can help us relax
  • A bag of hippies organic chickpea crisps for when we need a snack
  • Some tips on how to keep on top of our mental health and wellbeing 
  • Details of how to log in to our Employee Assistance Programme, Health Assured 

If you want to read more about Event Wellbeing Day. Please follow the link to go to the EventWell website.


By  Alice Taylor on February 26, 2020

Topics: Industry Insights, Tips

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