Knights at the Museum

Ever wondered what it's like to set up an event in a museum?

There are times every month when some might mistake the Broadsword team for night watchmen, keys jangling at the waist and a Maglite in hand, purposefully plotting our way through plans and paperwork amidst the eerie dark of a London museum at night.

But make no mistake! Although you may spot the odd roaming camera or two, we aren't there to record a fantasy-comedy box office hit, and you won't find many chaotic Ben Stiller types amongst our crowd. We aren't responsible for letting the artefacts 'in... or out' but we do bring them to life, transforming these collection cathedrals into corporate event spaces and enhancing them with sound, light and colour.


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As if a regiment of Roman soldiers, stepping out of a diorama, we work in formation, with continued refinement and streamlining offering professional and sophisticated event production for these extraordinary venues. Flight cases, our modern mules, are assigned and wheeled inside, carrying equipment and supplies arranged in meticulous order. The technical team lay cable and control reminiscent of a host of legionaries constructing a military highway.

Half expecting an angry T-Rex, dangerous dragon or monstrous Minotaur to appear around a corner, it can feel that we are part of an epic quest where every move has meaning. We work purposefully and as a unit, advancing along a unicursal labyrinth, to set up our solutions with care and reverence amidst the dormant displays that rest serenely around us.

With extremely short installation times and a commitment to protect the wealth of history around us, we draw on our knowledge, leadership and logical ability to courteously navigate through these inspirational galleries and install events that seamlessly blend into what is already there.

What is it about the dark? These spaces effuse energy and a unique charm day and night, and yet as the sun sets above the towers, tiles and turrets, w
e feel our eyes playing tricks on us. We find ourselves in the middle of a little bit of magic, a little piece of the past, and feel privileged and honoured to be a part of the knights at the museum.

By  Anna Green on November 12, 2018

Topics: Industry Insights

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