How to brand an event

Why is event branding important?

These days you can pretty much apply a brand identity to anything but to stand out from the crowd, the overall effect should be eye-catching and distinctive. Sitting on a train on the daily commute, there's a fellow passenger flapping a promotional fan; an ideal giveaway during this hot weather and a great example of paper engineering. The air conditioning company's print includes a hashtag, logo, contact details and an image of an aeroplane. This product is intriguing; the graphic print has become a part of it and the brand has come to life.

You can transform an event space - inside and out - with creative branding. But it is the way in which company branding sits within a venue's natural qualities, enhancing original features and furniture, alongside the event theme, that will leave a lasting impact.

Event Branding Inspiration

We include our five favourite event graphic solutions that can be used to build a memorable event environment.

1. Vinyls

Low-tack vinyl materials, which can be applied to walls, floors, windows, brickwork and pillars, can be produced in a wide variety of surface finishes including matt, gloss, reflective, metallic and fluorescent and then be easily removed without causing any damage.

This versatile graphic solution can enhance a corporate event in many ways. One of our favourites has been to apply individual lettering of small printed descriptions on to the white walls of an art gallery, alongside products being displayed. This created an exhibition feel, giving the showcased content an air of exclusivity and integrity.

ITV producers forum vinyl cubes

2. Neon Logos

Logos can be scaled to a large size and used to great effect in a strategic position. There are so many ways to reproduce a logo; we really like a custom sign. Neon has been used for decades to create signs for old bars and clubs and some brand logos are ideally suited to a neon replication. Fabrication involves glass which intricately bent into shape and filled with gas to emit coloured fluorescent light.

The result is a unique logo with high impact that will enhance the atmosphere and also serve as a great photo backdrop or event entrance if required. These pieces sit perfectly within an eclectic mix of venues - industrial, modern, elegant, lively, retro or residential - they look great with a wide range of exciting and unique interiors.

Hilton honors presents bastille. London... feel the music

3. Tension Fabric Systems

This is a modular system which allows for the insertion of bespoke graphics that stretch across the surface of a frame. The frames are lightweight and simple to assemble and also come in the form of LED lightboxes so that brand visuals are illuminated and really shine. They can be reconfigured to suit any sized space and can be designed to create dynamic exhibition stands, as well as event backdrops, wayfinding and branding for break out areas.

These pieces are all about the artwork, as the frames are narrow in depth and discreet. The lightboxes work particularly well with bold arresting imagery and rich colour choice is key, as some tones can appear washed out. Frames in a variety of materials and finishes can be added to align the finished product with their surrounding environment.

Tension fabric systems at the design museum

4. Sustainable Signage

There are some really imaginative branding examples out there, drawing on the natural environment. Food products and flowers can be cleverly combined and constructed to create company logos. Taking things a step further, an idea that makes us chuckle is a 'Living Champagne Wall'. Guests will be delighted and amused as gloved hands present glasses of bubbly through gaps in a foliage wall.

Recycled materials, such as cardboard, can be printed with event graphics to create conference and exhibition backdrops; branded items can be reimagined and turned into something new - perhaps a piece of stage furniture or a welcome desk that can be used more than once.

Living champagne wall

5. Digital Branding

Digital content is becoming more widely in the event marketplace. Projection can be woven into different displays, bringing windows, walls and floors to life, as well as the impressive projection mapped light shows commonly showcased on the exterior of a buildings during the winter months.

Increasingly event branding allows attendees to interact with digital surface. Digital graffiti can be built to look and feel like street art with stencils, drips and nozzles. Touch enabled mirrors can be programmed to feature corporate event branding, along with a camera hidden behind allowing the consumer to take a branded selfie, which can be printed out as a giveaway.

digital graffiti wall

The Future

Already augmented reality is allowing users to bring static images to life, bringing components of the digital world into the real-world environment. It will be interesting to observe how much event branding involves this technology.

Equally the process of engineering physical items, the range of materials and print techniques are evolving on a daily basis, allowing designers to come up with weird and wonderful ways to create custom event branding.

For us it will be the fusion of the physical and the digital that will leave a lasting impression and 'lift-off'. It's an exciting time to be involved.

virtual reality headset

Need some help and inspiration with event branding? Get in touch, we'd love to come up with something to help your event shine.

By  Anna Green on July 12, 2018
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