Five Wellbeing Tips for Event Professionals

How many times have you felt tired? Under pressure at work? Stressed about the day ahead?

A yearly report from Careercast says an Event Coordinator is the 5th most stressful job in the world. We’re facing more pressure and stress as time goes on. Early starts, late finishes and making sure that each event is as perfect as the last. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a work bubble.

It’s important we focus on ourselves once in a while. We’re lucky that wellbeing is becoming more accepted. Not only in our everyday lives but in the workplace too.

I’m sure you’ll agree that we often feel like we should stay awake later to finish work. Or get up earlier to start the working day, forgetting that sleep is vital to prepare us for the day ahead. Without a good night’s sleep, it's easy to lose focus, become distracted and get side-tracked.

Light, comfort and temperature are a few of the things that can affect our working day. Employers are taking more time to listen to the employee. They’re taking into consideration the environment and making sure their workspace is suitable for work.

It’s not only the environment, we’re discovering more ways that we can improve our wellbeing. The app Headspace promotes meditation. Yoga classes are becoming more accessible and are popping up in more places. Offices are even introducing puppy therapy. A morning with the office full of puppies – that’s our idea of a happy workplace.

We have shared below our five tips to help keep on top of your wellbeing whilst being a busy event professional:

  1. Eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables
  2. Take time out for yourself when you need it
  3. It’s okay to say no – don’t overload yourself with work
  4. Get a good work/life balance
  5. Get a good night’s sleep (recommended 8 hours a night)

At Broadsword, wellbeing is very important. We are supportive to everyone that works for us and take time to listen. All employees have access to a health and wellbeing platform, Health Assured. They offer a 24/7 support service to any of us in need.

Wellbeing will continue to evolve and adapt to the fast-paced events industry. We’re looking forward to seeing more great ideas making their way into our workplaces in the future.


By  Alice Taylor on November 6, 2019

Topics: Tips

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