Broadsword’s caught the running bug!

Common goals work wonders for camaraderie and collaboration. We decided back in May that we would enter a Broadsword team to do the Hyde Park 10k at the start of September to raise money for our nominated charity, Mind.

People are built to run.

But not everyone believes that they can do it. In the beginning, training can be brutal and within minutes everything hurts. Running takes time to break into. Starting slowly and building up gradually is the key.

There are a few runners amidst us, but what we hadn’t realised was how much of a motivator this challenge would be for novices and the noticeable boost there would be to confidence and self-esteem.

We know that running can reduce stress, improve heart health and is a great way to burn calories. But running also has a positive impact on the mind and spirit. An aerobic workout can enhance cognitive ability, make us more creative and have more ideas, as well as alleviate symptoms of depression.

This has been a great start to our busy season. The team spirit is stronger than ever and there is a sense of empowerment and energy across the business. We have raised an incredible sum for Mind and it doesn’t stop here. A weekly running club has been set up and future 10k runs have been signed up for.


Here’s some feedback from a selection of our participants. Everyone completed the course, supporting each other along every step of the way. #OneTeam

“When it was suggested that we run 10k for Mind, I thought it sounded like such a lovely idea as Mind is such an amazing charity that many of us have a personal connection to. I decided to sign up to challenge myself to do something different. Before this, I had convinced myself I wasn’t a runner so wanted to prove myself wrong. I started running seven weeks before the 10k and during my training pushed myself a bit further each time I ran, I surprised myself with how far I could go! To finish the race was such a big achievement for me and I felt so proud of myself! I now feel determined to beat my time and have signed up for another 10k!!” Alice Taylor

“I’ve been running on and off since I was a teenager. I find running helps me to clear my head and keeps me feeling healthy and strong. I really enjoy being outdoors in all weather and running is something you can do in almost all conditions. I decided to run with our group because I was inspired by how my colleagues had come together and supported each other through their training for the 10k. It was great to see everyone so happy with their achievement. Another big factor that encouraged me to run this time was the charity we have chosen to support and raise money for is one that I really believe in so any contribution I can make as an individual as well as a group can make a small but significant difference and hopefully help someone else in the future.” Simon Baines

“I believe it’s always important to challenge yourself physically, and often it’s a case of mind over matter. I also wanted to beat my personal best for a 10k run, which I did- by 7 minutes! It was great to do it as a team and was very proud of everyone!” Ellie Howarth

"I did it as something to motivate me to test myself and run further. It was cool to find out that I could! Also, fun to spend more time with everyone out of work." Jennifer Cohen

"My original incentive to sign up for the 10k was a combination of wanting to do something for a charity close to my heart and improving my health by running regularly. This challenge was increased an Achilles issue that almost made me give up soon after starting but thanks to my colleagues who encouraged me to continue even if it meant walking I was able to achieve by first 10k with a run/walk combo. I feel by the end of my the race I had benefited far more mentally and physically from the months of training than Mind actually did from me crossing the finishing line!" Sarah Everett 

If you would like to donate, you can visit our JustGiving page here: 


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