Be prepared

‘Be prepared’ is a motto which means being able to do the right thing at the right moment.

"Be prepared for what?" someone once asked Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting.

"Why, for any old thing," said Baden-Powell.

One of the most important aspects of being a good event production agency is being prepared for whatever situations we face. The clients we work with rely on us to have a plan and find solutions.

We have had two pretty special events in Brussels and Luxembourg this week. Whenever we are overseas, we always try to plan well in advance and ensure that our checklist includes the obvious as well as the things that might be needed for last minute changes.

When sourcing a venue overseas, we don’t like to rely on internet research – in our opinion conducting a site visit and seeing the space and surrounding areas for ourselves is vital. We organise flights for our team so that they have enough time to recover, freshen up and be at their best to deliver.

Paying attention to the details, such as powering the event or having a box of chargers and adaptors for the team’s mobile phones so they can be contacted, is key to the overall success of the event. Great things are built from little things.

Communication is the foundation to forming strong working relationships with local suppliers – we choose our partners carefully based on their experience and knowledge so that it best matches our own standards and expectations.

We always adhere to Health and Safety standards wherever we operate. We follow strict procedures when drafting RAMS information which is always passed onto any venue prior to an event. When working with production partners abroad, we will always ask any local supplier to provide risk assessments and insurance information before allowing them to operate on our behalf.

It’s not just being prepared once we get onsite. We weigh everything in advance, so we don’t exceed the legal load limit. This will prevent delays in case of a stop and check. Also, the vans are equipped with all the mandatory travelling kit according to the EU regulations. For events to the EMEA, we use a large vehicle and package our technical equipment, set and staging so they can withstand shaking during driving. We use foam and cardboard protective corners, plastic shrink wrap, bubble wrap and flightcases of course.

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Matt Green
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