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Commercial Director Matt has a wealth of expertise in creative event production. Fresh thinking, charismatic and driven, he can translate concepts into extraordinary events. Outside of work, Matt enjoys dreaming and scheming while walking his whippet, Meg.
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Navigate the Digital Wave

Posted by  Matt Green on September 2, 2020

Crush is hands down the coolest Disney Pixar character ever. The 150-year-old sea turtle and duuuuude of the ocean has a laid-back surfer attitude that lets him go with the flow. But Crush is no drifter, he’s more than happy to help Marlin and Dory find their way when he encounters them on their search for Nemo.

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Attention to Detail

Posted by  Matt Green on June 10, 2020

Come on. I’ll be honest. Certain aspects of attention to detail are not my strongest skillset. On the Insights Personality Test, you have those that sit in the colour ‘blue’, most of whom love a good spreadsheet and those who sit in the colour ‘yellow’ and often just have a feeling! I am very much a sunshine yellow. Detail is someone else’s game. Or is it? 

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My Office Dog is going to be heartbroken when I actually have to go back to the office.

Posted by  Matt Green on May 12, 2020

I know that’s an oxymoron.

However, my whippet, Meg won’t be joining me when I eventually leave the confines of my kitchen diner for the real world. It’s not because she’s not allowed in our Somerset House office, or our warehouse/workshop. It’s more that the journey will probably kill her!

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Posted by  Matt Green on April 30, 2020

I’ve been at home now for almost 10 weeks. Prior to the global pandemic and UK lockdown I had contracted an illness, and subsequent infection that had seen me in isolation at home for almost three weeks before everyone else! It’s a tough gig, but I am lucky. I have more than one living / dining / kitchen room and a garden that catches the sun. Even so you still need your routines and triggers to stop each day blending into one. For me this is music. It always has been. I love it in (almost) all forms. It picks me up when I’m low. It fires me up when I’m getting ready to go! It sets the tone for everything I do. I’m also not fussy; currently I am writing this on my breakfast bar streaming to Kacey Musgraves simply because my daughter is making cookies. It’s not my cup of tea but she’s singing along and that makes me smile.

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Broadsword’s caught the running bug!

Posted by  Matt Green on September 4, 2019

Common goals work wonders for camaraderie and collaboration. We decided back in May that we would enter a Broadsword team to do the Hyde Park 10k at the start of September to raise money for our nominated charity, Mind.

People are built to run.

But not everyone believes that they can do it. In the beginning, training can be brutal and within minutes everything hurts. Running takes time to break into. Starting slowly and building up gradually is the key.

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Race to the stones

Posted by  Matt Green on July 13, 2018

At the turn of 2018 our editor Olivia stated she would love it if we had a company charity. It was important to her that we had a focus on helping people in some way.

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Posted by  Matt Green on June 22, 2018

Broadsword's football contingent is growing, just in time for the FIFA World Cup and much to my delight.

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Snow days glow days

Posted by  Matt Green on March 1, 2018

The Beast from the East? It’s quite a harsh description for something that is really rather pretty.

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The jellyfish has landed

Posted by  Matt Green on February 7, 2018

Video and animation production has always been a part of live events and therefore a part of our offering at Broadsword. The video record of an event is often the legacy of it, once the excitement of the moment fades.

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