An update from Broadsword Event House regarding Covid-19

Here at Broadsword HQ we like to think of ourselves as an adaptable and innovative bunch. We’re always thinking of ways to work with the situation put in front of us. As such we have spent much of the last two weeks looking at the ever changing environment and maybe like everyone else, fooling ourselves into thinking that we are open for “business as usual”.

Following the Prime Minister’s address on the evening of 23rd March, 2020 we have come to accept that, as with almost every other company across the globe, it is certainly anything but “business as usual”. 

We have temporarily closed our Warehouse and our Operations team are stood down. All our staff will have time to be at home, safe and secure with their immediate family. This certainly does not mean we will close, far from it! However, we are honest in the fact that we will not be required to run something into Central London, or jump on a plane to a site visit in New York over the coming months…we couldn’t even if we wanted to!

What we can do and would love to do is this. We can be there for our industry, the clients, and prospective clients, the contractors, the freelance community who have helped make us into the company we are. We understand that, like us, you may have time on your hands over the coming months and be thinking about future projects, objectives and how to make things smoother when the world wakes up. Well, this is where we can help, we are still taking calls and emails and have a talented group of people to help clients with their problems and plan their events in whatever shape they may take.

As we always say, advice comes for free.

As a human race it is our natural inclination to communicate, and at Broadsword it is our business to help support this. This is what we intend to do. Our daily morning huddles have not, and will not stop. We are using our virtual conferencing platform to speak to the team every day. Our staff are the most important people at Broadsword and their wellbeing is paramount in our minds. Whilst we may not be talking about events we are still touching base every day and we are all checking in with each other. Our team meets have not, and will not stop for exactly the same reasons. Our film club, fit club and book clubs have moved online. We are going to need things to talk about.

Due to the current changing nature of our business, and escalating situation as we experience a public health crisis, should you wish to contact us, please email and we can come back to you appropriately.

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe.

Everyone at Broadsword Event House

By  Anna Green on March 25, 2020
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